2m Sauna Barrel (Electric Heater)


Sauna Barrel made of high-quality Nordic spruce with an electric HARVIA sauna heater. Enjoy a unique sauna experience in the backyard, garden, deck, or terrace.

Your Sauna Barrel is delivered as a flat pack kit for self-assembly. Detailed assembly guide included. (kit dimensions: 2.2m x x 1.2m x 1.3m)

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Sauna Heater

Harvia Vega 6kW Electric Sauna Heater, Integrated Control Unit: Thermostat and Timer, Stainless Steel Housing, 230V/400V

A modern and easy-to-use heater by the world’s largest sauna heater manufacturer.

  • The operating switches are placed ergonomically in the upper part, and thanks to the symmetric shape of the heater, the switches can be placed on either side. The heater can be mounted low on the sauna wall, ensuring that the lower benches also get plenty of steam.
  • Technical Data: Model: BC60 | Output: 6 kW | Control unit: Built-in thermostatic and timer switches | Sauna cabin volume: 5 – 8 m³ | Dimensions DxWxH: 31x48x54 cm | Stone capacity max: 20 kg (Ø 5–10 cm)
  • Supply voltage 1-phase: 230 V 1N~ (Fuse: 1×35 A / Cable: 3-core x 2,5 mm²) | Supply voltage 3-phase: 400 V 3N~ (Fuse: 3×10 A / Cable: 5-core x 1,5 mm²)
  • Contents included: Harvia Vega BC60 sauna heater, sauna stones, mounting bracket, fasteners, instruction manual. Warranty: 1 year. Silicone connection cables and installation are not included in the scope of delivery.


Your sauna barrel is delivered as a flat-pack kit. Assembly service is available, please enquire here.

Included with every sauna barrel kit

Roof covered with bitumen shingles, stainless steel tightening bands, 2 tempered glass windows in the back wall, door with lock and large window, 2 additional windows in the front wall, sauna benches, high-quality sauna heater (HARVIA Finland)

Additional premium accessories

2 x Headrests, thermo- and hygrometer, backrests, wooden spoon and bucket set, sauna light and cover, clothes hanger, stainless steel door sill, safety fence for sauna heater

We don’t charge for extras!

Nordic Spa Sauna Barrels premium accessories

Sideboard Thickness

Wood is a naturally insulating material. The air pockets within the timber’s cellular structure create a natural barrier to heat and cold.

The choice of sideboard thickness will impact the insulation properties of the sauna barrel, and how well it will keep its temperature. Put simply, thicker sideboards result in faster heating and longer heat.

Thicker sideboards improve the insulation; no matter you are using the sauna barrel for the family, at a caravan and glamping park or AirBnB.

Nordic Spa Sauna Barrels all come with 58 mm thick side boards out of the box

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Additional information

Type of Wood

Nordic Spruce

Sideboard Thickness

58 mm

Saun Room Volume

4.7 m3

Sauna Heater Type

HARVIA Vega BC60 6kW (electric)

Sauna Length

2 m

Sauna Seating Capacity

2 – 4

Sauna Weight (empty)

600 kg

Sauna Kit Dimensions

2.2 x 1.2 x 1.3 [m]