Sauna Barrels

Our wooden Sauna Barrel’s are produced from sustainably grown and certified kiln-dried Scandinavian Spruce.

The Sauna’s have 58 mm extra thick side walls to ensure increased insulation. The timber is cut and sawed to dimension and graded based on its features.

The entire production cycle is chemical-free makes Nordic Spa Sauna Barrel’s an ecological and environmentally-friendly product. The dimensions, durability and insulation properties of the wood are kept constant during the entire process.

Nordic Spa Sauna Barrel’s are delivered Australia wide. We can freight the Sauna Barrel’s either fully assembled or as a flat-pack kit (including detailed assembly instructions). Assembly takes only a few hours.

Nordic Spa - 1.9m-2m Sauna Barrel

Sauna Barrel Range

Sauna TypeSauna SizeHeaterRoom Volume
Kit Size
Assembly Time**
Electric1.9 x 2m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA Vega BC60 (6kW)4.76002.1 x 1.2 x 1.382 – 4
Electric1.9 x 2.5m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA Vega BC80 (8kW)67002.6 x 1.2 x 1.384 – 6
Electric1.9 x 3m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA Trendi KIP90 (9kW)7.48003.1 x 2.1 x 2.186 – 8
Woodfired1.9 x 2m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA M3 SL with outside feed (16.5 kW)
HARVIA M3 (16.5 kW)
4.76002.1 x 1.2 x 1.382 – 4
Woodfired1.9 x 2.5m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA M3 SL with outside feed (16.5 kW)
HARVIA M3 (16.5 kW)
67002.6 x 1.2 x 1.384 – 6
Woodfired1.9 x 3m (Diameter x Length)HARVIA Pro 20 SL with outside feed (24.1 kW)
HARVIA Pro 20 (24.1 kW)
7.48003.1 x 2.1 x 2.186 – 8
*Empty (kit weight)
**Assembly time estimated approximate based on 2 person
Nordic Spa Sauna Barrel All Models
Nordic Spa Sauna Barrels dimensions

Sauna Barrel Inclusions

Your sauna barrel is delivered as a flat-pack kit. Assembly service is available, please enquire here.

Included in the sauna kit

Roof covered with bitumen shingles, stainless steel tightening bands, 2 tempered glass windows in back wall, door with lock and large window, 2 additional windows in front wall, sauna benches, high quality sauna heater (HARVIA Finland)

Included premium accessories

2 x Head rests, thermo- and hygrometer, backrests, wooden spoon and bucket set, sauna light and cover, clothes hanger, stainless steel door sill, safety fence for sauna heater

We don’t charge for extras!

Nordic Spa Sauna Barrels premium accessories

Sauna Heater Specifications

Nordic Spa - Wood burning Sauna Heater HARVIA Pro20-Pro20SL

The HARVIA woodburning sauna heaters are designed for vigorous sauna bathing in small and medium-sized saunas.

The HARVIA woodburning sauna heaters are designed for vigorous sauna bathing in small and medium-sized saunas. The even heat given off by the stove and the efficient air circulation guarantee a pleasant and relaxing sauna experience.

Thanks to the large stone compartment of the stove, the steam is as pleasant and hearty as you can hope for. The fire glowing behind the cast-iron-framed glass door adds to the atmosphere of the sauna.

Join the ranks of professional sauna bathers and find out more.

  • Pro 20 SL (outside feed): 24.1 kW output
  • Pro 20 (inside feed): 24.1 kW output
  • M3 SL (outside feed): 16.5 kW output
  • M3 SL (inside feed): 16.5 kW output
Nordic Spa - Electrical Sauna Heater HARVIA KIP90 9kW

HARVIA Vega and KIP, favourites among Finns, are modern and easy-to-use sauna heaters, made by the world’s largest sauna heater manufacturer.

The outer shell is durable and creates a modern look for your sauna. The operating switches are placed ergonomically. The heater can be mounted low on the sauna wall, ensuring that also the lower benches get plenty of steam.

  • Vega BC60: 6 kW output
  • Vega BC80: 8 kW output
  • KIP90: 9 kW output

Shipping and Delivery

Unlike many other companies, we normally have stock at hand.

Our Sauna Barrels are typically delivered as kit (flat pack) to a depot near you.

Optionally, factory assembly and shipping is available (approx. 30% higher freight cost).

Find our more about the shipping and delivery options.

Nordic Spa Barrel Sauna Crate
Nordic Spa Sauna Delivery with Crane
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