1.9m wood fired Hot Tub (Internal Heater)


Wooden hot tub designed for bathing, made of high-quality Nordic spruce with a wood-burning furnace. Enjoy a unique hot water bathing experience in open air, in the garden, the deck or terrace.

The hot tubs are delivered as flat pack kit for self-assembly (kit dimensions: 2.2m x x 1.2m x 0.7m)

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Support Frame and Foundation

The woodfired Hot Tub is sitting on a sturdy frame of treated timber beams. The beams are impregnated to protect against weather impacts.Hot Tubs should be placed on a stable and level foundation. Timber decks (with sufficient load-bearing capacity), concrete pads, or pavers usually provide good and stable support.

Nordic Spa 1.9m diameter Wood Fired Hot Tub with external heater below


The hot tubs are delivered as a flat-pack kit. Assembly service is available, please enquire a request here.

Included with every hot tub kit

Woodfired stainless steel heater with chimney, stainless steel tightening bands, wooden safety, guard separating heater from bathing space (internal heater only), benches, wooden stairs, water outlet hose and valve

Additional premium accessories

Wooden cover, bottle holder, wooden chimney guard, scoop and poker

We don’t charge for extras!

Nordic Spa Wood Fired Hot Tub All Accessories


Nordic Spa 1.9m diameter Wood Fired Hot Tub with internal heater Dimensions

Sideboard Thickness

Wood is a naturally insulating material. The air pockets within the timber’s cellular structure create a natural barrier to heat and cold.

The choice of sideboard thickness will impact the time it takes to heat the water inside the tub, and how long it will keep its temperature. Put simply, thicker sideboards result in faster heating of the water (especially when combined with a wooden cover).

Thicker sideboards shorten the time it takes to get the Hot Tub ready; no matter you are using the Hot Tub for the family or at a caravan and glamping park or AirBnB.

Nordic Spa wood fired Hot Tub’s all come with 58 mm thick side boards out of the box

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Additional information

Weight250 kg
Type of Heater

Standard heater (inside, included)

Hot Tub Diameter

1.9 m

Type of Wood

Nordic Spruce

Seating Capacity

6 (inside heater)


3 Steps

Sideboard Thickness

58 mm

Chimney Safety Guard

Wooden Guard

Nordic Spa 1.9m diameter Wood Fired Hot Tub with internal heater
1.9m wood fired Hot Tub (Internal Heater)